Greetings R2DBC community!

We are delighted to announce the availability of R2DBC 1.0.0.M7, the seventh milestone release. The release is available from and ships with a few new modules: R2DBC Proxy and a Bill of Materials.

Introducing the Bill of Materials (bom) simplifies version management and consumption. Each project has its own theme how it names release trains. Want to hear a bit of trivia? We love Italy. We love the Dolomites and so name our release trains after Dolomiti towns. The first release train is named: Arabba. So let us introduce you to Arabba-M7.

We are also excited to announce that this is the first release shipping with R2DBC Proxy covering a multitude of use cases that are solved best with decoration: Tracing, Metrics, Observability.

The release train ships with the following modules:

  • R2DBC SPI (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-spi, io.r2dbc:r2dbc-spi-test)
  • R2DBC Client (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-client)
  • R2DBC PostgreSQL driver (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-postgresql)
  • R2DBC H2 driver (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-h2)
  • R2DBC Microsoft SQL Server driver (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-mssql)

New modules in this release:

  • R2DBC Proxy (io.r2dbc.r2dbc-proxy)
  • R2DBC BOM (io.r2dbc.r2dbc-bom)

Most notable SPI changes are:

  • Reinstated generated value (key) retrieval (Statement.returnGeneratedValues(…)) that moves key generation back to the driver.
  • Improved support for column metadata (ColumnMetadata).
  • Add support for ConnectionFactory discovery allowing connection creation without using driver-specific API.
  • R2DBC ships with specification documentation.

Release artifacts

To access to this release, include our milestone repository to access R2DBC 1.0 M7. If you use Maven, then add the following lines to your pom.xml:



  <name>Spring Milestones</name>

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